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Common Goal (Unitopia)

Easy love comes and goes, human bond free our souls, Feeling good at the time, live your dream, free your mind. Don't knock me, help me out, this is what our life's about, Give and take, bend don't break, now's the time for real not fake. We aim for the same goal. Peace of mind, let it show. Common goals come and go, Common goal let's release. Common goals come and go, Common plan never cease. We fight sometimes, what a shame, there's no point and there's no gain. Hold me close, take me home, we will never be alone. Do you see? You think like me, this is how it's meant to be. Find a way through the dark, trying not to miss the mark. Our time has come to focus on the richness of life. If we search long enough we will find what we're looking for. There are two sides to every story, who takes the credit? Who takes the glory? We all want the same in a mixed-up game, but no-one really knows for sure.