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Still Here (Unitopia)

It seems so far away, so long ago. Remember when you wouldn't dream of letting go. Things are not what they used to be. Every waking thought takes me back to you. The plans we made for a future bright Evaporate like water under the blistering sun. The pain of your memory paralyses me with fear, But I'm still here. And I'm still here, I'm still here. I can't recall when my heart had mourned so much. I look to the skies and wish there was no flight at all. Except for the elevation of the human condition. Moments of madness finally take their toll. I'm still here, won't you feel me, Won't you hold me, in your arms. I'm still here, won't you call me, I am waiting to hear your voice. I'm still here, won't you call me, Won't you let me know, that you are here. A sharp intake of icy breath, A chill runs down my spine. A thousand years of struggle, Echoes of another time. Confounding me, astounding me, Not knowing the final page. Every chapter in the book, Refers to a bygone age. Waiting for something or someone, To take me away. And show me a better world, A better way. The visions I have of you remain so clear. The warmth of your touch, the sound of your voice, I'd swear you'd never left. The scattered shards of memories like broken mirrored glass, Are all I have of you now you have gone. But I'm still here. Can you feel me, can you touch me, Can you take me for a while? I'm still here. Can I feel you, can I touch you, Can I take you for a while?