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Take Good Care (Unitopia)

Sometimes when I wonder, you wonder what we are. This world of hate and war, you see it from afar. Why can't we live in peace? A dream we want to share. One man's journey, one man's happiness. Will we Care? We see the pain And suffering. I wonder what we'll do. Well there's gotta be an answer, we gotta think it through. Why can't we live and love? It's what we all strive for. One man's journey, one man's happiness. Let's be sure. Take good care of this world. We've been given too much to lose. Shout it from the tops of the mountains to the depths of the oceans below. When you're alone, all alone, You reflect on what you see. A life passes by and another is born, A new world, let it be. And if we see our lonely brother, Will he understand? We must love one another, And share all this land. We have to find a resolution to help us through these times. While suits and ties in ivory towers destroy us with their lies. Now's the time to make the change, to make it all come true. One man's journey, one man's happiness. Let it through.