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The Great Reward (Unitopia)

Now it’s time to make a choice Sing alone or with one voice In a choir of rescued souls, you don’t have to be alone anymore Throw off the ties that bind See through the eyes once blind Break down the barriers, no need for chains anymore Maybe the time has come to set things right To take a chance, and trust the maker Stop listening to fools and you might plainly see That some things are built to last forever Now that you’ve seen the signs Now you’ve endured the trials A purpose redefined You’ve found the part of yourself…that’s been missing? Now your destiny awaits As all the past mistakes Fade like flowers in the sun, flowers in the sun And all that’s left to do Is embrace the sweet perfume And take your place as son, take your place as son And the artificial thoughts Give place to all that’s true They’re dropped into the sea and remembered no more And the stains are washed away As you start a brand new day And receive the great reward for the sacrifice adored