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Alabama (The Louvin Brothers)

Alabama your beautiful sunlight Your fields of cerecea potatoes and corn Alabama your crimson red clover All mingled around the old place I was born. Alabama your hills and your valleys Your creeks with laughter as onward they flow Alabama so sweet in the springtime Sweet ferns and wild flowers and winter with snow. Alabama so sweet to my mem'ry You shine like a light on a beautiful hill Alabama in days of my childhood I labored and toiled at the old sorghum mill Alabama when red leaves are failing I roam through your pastures with fences of rail Alabama when 'possums are crawling And hound dogs are howling and wagging their tails. Alabama your beautiful highways All curved through the mountains where love ones do wait Alabama your golden rod flower; And the "Welcome home' sign hanging over the gate Alabama to me you are callin' My footsteps are haltered no longer to stray Alabama you hold all I long for You hold all I love so I'm coming today