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City of Night (Springsteen Bruce)

Taxi Cab, Taxi Cab, at the light Won't you take me on a ride through this city of night I got some money and I'm feeling fine I ain't in no hurry so just take your time Some people wanna die young and gloriously But Taxi Cab driver, well that ain't me I got a cute little baby down at 12th and Vine And she opens for business just about closing time Ah hey hey, ah hey hey City of night, city of night And I don't believe what I see in this street I don't know how people they can take the heat Well baby I'm a liar, I'm a cheat, and I don't care I got my money, I can take my fare Ah hey hey, ah hey hey City of night, city of night I'm riding tonight to see my sugar girl You know she wears that dress without a care in the world Yeah she got come loving that's as bright as the sun And she brings it with her man when she comes Hey, hey, city of night Ah-hey, ah-hey, city of night Ride on