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Seven Suns (Raury)

I see the Sun, I see the Sun Shining down on me, on me, on me I see the Sun, I see the Sun Shining down on me, on me, on me Well I'm young and dumb I'm young and dumb, Lord, have mercy Among the ignorant youth Among the ignorant youth, wild youth But I know I'll find another way, oh yeah But still I try, still I carry on And still I fly with these broken wings I see the sun shining down on me, oh yeah Sometimes I feel my soul's not pure enough to change the world Change the world, change the world And I left my friends, I left my love behind for a bigger cause Bigger cause, bigger cause, its bigger, way bigger And if I'm cursed, if I'm cursed And if I'm cursed here on this earth alone This earth alone, no friends at all Friends at all I'll never question I'll never wonder if its worth it all Cause it's worth it all And still I try with this burning will The brightest flames of the Seven Suns (5x) Do you understand what I really mean? I don't think you really get the purpose of what I'm trying to get at Cause I believe I hold the key to life I believe I harbor all the answers to questions you people been at And I believe I'm godly in a way I believe that I deserve a goddess awaiting, but she ain't here yet And I believe the world is in my hands I believe that I'm another giant defiant in my appearance I am not alone in this world (4x) I am not alone We are among you The indigo youth, the indigo youth Wild youth, wild youth, wild youth