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Sunshine (Raury)

[Hook:] You're like sunshine Don't take my sunshine away In the moonlight You keep the darkness away Don't ya? Don't ya? Don't you feel the same baby? Don't ya? Don't ya? Don't you feel pleasure from this pain baby? [Verse - Raury:] Charred to black, stars in fact Give you a heart attack Take you to Mars and back Giving you the type of love my father lacked Chicken soup for the soul, take you to the bowl Not a quarterback, I'm more than that Queen shit, weed shit Bet you got more to match I mean, I'm dope beyond the smoke We on high from the vibes I call it the veebz You know what I mean I got these albatross wings, I can sleep as I fly I mean like who needs the weed when you're naturally high? Pass the liquor to my head, I sketch the city in the sky Everybody wants world peace, but nobody wants to die for it Which is kinda contradictive Cause I be on the kamikaze shit to get my vision, across the world I got ya girl, I got ya girl Just know I got ya girl Cause I'm the living definition of life with intuition That vegetarian in a bend away from chicken That East Atlanta being, immediately emcee'ing Exceeding over proceeding my nigga You got a problem? My nigga, man it's whatever I'm clever beyond my years And you feel the euphoric feel that you get from all the sheer Talent man fuck a balance between a verse or chorus Either against or for it, and fuck you if you ain't with it Spitting for more than money, spitting for more than fame Get it for more then honeys I'll probably forget your name I'm ashamed with no one to blame, I know I'm going insane Yes, I know I'm going insane Yes, I know I'm going insane Yes, I know I'm going insane Yes, I know I'm going insane [Hook]