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Woodcrest Manor (Raury)

[Intro:] It's like... [Verse 1:] See I've been living in this house forever I was born and raised and birthed and grown Woodcrest Manor Eastern of Atlanta Well at least I had a sense of home Like mama when we move in Always tell me some' with some doubt Watch every stranger move in Helped all my homies move out Watched every house get sold Watched every neighbor get old I saw that sunset back when I was six Well I guess them trees growed Now my vivid perception is blocked Then my life for a second was stopped Saw an angel from heaven she talked In the clearest description she taught [Hook:] If this view becomes nothing new to you Just remember once it was beautiful (4x) [Verse 2:] See I've been with this girl for years Through every single smile and tear The time has passed and now I fear I don't feel the same no more But who's to blame not me or her It could just be this universe That caused this love to bloom at first Then wilt and wither through it's thirst So blame it on that lack of water I know I'm gaining badder Karma Through all those hearts I've broken I'm hoping that down the road that when I have a child that it's not a daughter But when I'm having childish thoughts And when I feel completely lost And when my heart begins to frost I just think of what them angels taught [Hook] [Outro:] Ever come across something for the first time Be it a person place or thing They gave you an instant feeling of happiness Made you glad to be alive And eventually as time goes on the feeling gets weaker, and weaker, and weaker And you don't know why It's slowly becoming less exciting And the whole time you're in denial about this decreasing value And you know it in the back of your mind That the feeling's fading away And it's almost over But ignore reality and continue to keep trying Eventually the feeling becomes harder to reach or just disappears completely And it leaves us pondering a crucial question: Does everything eventually lose it's meaning? Will the things that make us happy today, make us happy tomorrow? Will this joke always make me laugh? Will the bright lights in times square always astound me? Or will I just get so used to them that I forget they're even there? Will I love this person forever? Will this person love me forever? Does anything last forever?