Hunted by demons (The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa)

Kill me Break me All Be on my side Never let me down Keep coming closer Hold me You're the one I'm going for Let me just once see your face Give me a sign If you leave (rap) 1 knock knock nock I get back another aspects. yo I got miracle gymnastics. Wanna ?dan? but then again before spastics tactics way??? 2 cos I think on of break of a brand new crime. it's fine. I can lay it out any time. if you know if you really flow as i got you really turned around for ???..go? 3 Come on baby! Cos I ain't scary like feaken(?) breakers in a cementary. Get hunk they race at young giving you a taste of what's the ??? 4 it's not the check this is out foot with won // want And you believe that cornth of the warmth. Cos that's nonsense i'm so intense I'm like consider an...context? 5 Come on everybody and just look around Death brings a bell on the clock downtown. the sanding is (on the/other) hand ?what's? ?down?. it's same start (sinister?) round town anyw?a?? (Never let me down) 6 So i think we're extinct and it's just the time. that's why ray would think of piece of line. (lime?) who can tell heaven or hell just (come ?foot?/compute/ can p???) when showing tell (show intel? =) That's evening