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And It Seems Like I'll Stay (A.R. Kane)

And it seems like I'm going to stay, yes yes it seems like I'll stay but it feels like I lostaday, yeah Found me a new love fresh like a running stream all but "here today" seems like a hazy dream this moment holds it all and holds me in between now I'm feeling inside, feeling inside escaping time I'm going to love you like nobody ever did before like a breeze through an open door on a sunny sunny day this love is cool gonna blow your tears away blow your tears away that's all I have to say sunday into monday, lost another day tuesday held me close and watched me swoon and sway I remember wednesday like a shakespear play we could be R' & J' a very tragic way thursday you're a siren deep inside the week friday like a shipwreck lying at your feet saturday we met now I can hardly speak of how I'm feeling inside, feeling inside dissolve my mind inside, feeling inside say "lovers blind" but I don't mind.