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Fight Until You Die (Grailknights)

Grailknights battlechoir Prepare to fight It's up for you Stand by our side So spread your wings and fly away Rise above the sky We keep you close inside our hearts Till the day we're gonna die Waiting, hoping Living for nothing A wasted lifetime will never come back Knights, fight until you die On guitars we fly Take the challenge, face the task Swing the blade till you're the last Become Immortal Knights, fight until you die Raise your fist up high Feel the pain, feel the thrill Battle on, it's time to kill So fight until you die You may die if you fight You may scream for your right So here we ware, the battle dress Adorning our compound So look at us, we are standing strong And fight like a pack of hounds Battlechoir, we're at your feet With your support We face the heat!!!