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Hail To The Grail (Grailknights)

Impatiently They can't wait to fight The horn so loud The sun drowns Over mountains and seas Over forests and fields We live for our quest And we die for our grail Over rivers and lakes Over castles and caves We follow our hearts Till the end of this tale Come with me, rise with me Fortune, be my guide Fight with me, bleed with me Till the morning light Ja! Atrocities Each single day A struggle within Kills me Ja A sudden pain tears me down to the ground The last insight, it deeply hurts, it's over now Then, like a wave of relief, I close my eyes Your praying words I can not hear, too far away I spread my arms, flowed away through the mist Flickering lights, a fleeting glimpse and it's all gone And what remains is a tale, a story told The light so clear, I'm on my very last way Grailknights Battlechoir! Yes Sire! Hail to the grail!(4x) Ok, Ok, Ok, Battlechoir Calm down Battlechoir! I see you standing in front of me Now I want to hear every single voice! And when I say "every single voice" I mean every single voice And now, by the sake of our holy grail Scream like you have never screamed before! Hail to the grail Hail to the grail And now for the ladies! Hail to the grail For me! Hail to the grail All together! Hail to the grail For my mother! Hail to the grail For my grandmother! Hail to the grail Yes And once again