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Mortem Obi (Grailknights)

Mortem obi Surrounded by silence Amid the shadows of time Hollow and deep My future's dim ghastly shine No stone may fall No river may flow No hedge may grow Like time wore away On that very day I spent with you Dark is my future Dark is my past I've loved, lost and feared My presence at last Lost my will to live Fell asleep on a dark, dreary day I doze the centuries away Wake me up from my sleep And I'll be born again Life's a journey, I'm a traveller On floating streams Don't seek my heart It's lost forevermore Life's a journey, I'm a traveller With hope and dreams Time fades away as I gaze at the shore Help me to care My heart is beating loud and fast Help me to bear the burden of life A light straight from your eyes Beams brightly through the night I follow the road The end out of sight No candle may flicker No sundown will ever glow No river will ever flow No day will ever pass Faster than a day with you Utendum est aetate Morituri te salutant Utendum est estate E vita cede mortem obi Mortem obi