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Prevail (Grailknights)

Reach out for new horizons Dissociate from all repellent Elicit all powers And prevail the stars Your power is our repository Our course is unique and steady The task to obliterate All ferocious stars Past mountain peaks we strive Through rotten woods we cleave Never trying to hide We will not allow any peeve Devilish are the deserts we cross Slippery the watersides The moon, our lonely guide Tells u to hold our head up high Mile above the sea I follow you, you follow me Sunset over the battlefield Good against evil Brothers, we prevail Thunderstorms are calling us to rise Our heart is at the right spot Our conscience, solid as rock Grailknights is written on our flag And if we face one day A situation so desperate Oh Gods, kill us, our choir lives on! Across the lands and seas Our spirit lives on Our comrades-in-arms Know that their task is to prevail