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The White Raven (Grailknights)

The White Raven I stood waiting at the Wind-swept bay For my ship come sailing by The clouds broke open I heard a young man's call The White Raven Sailed across the sky I climbed higher and higher Through the roaring storm On a rope-ladder I left my life behind "Anchors away And cast of the lines" We conquer space and time As I gaze at the world From so high above My heart grows heavy and My mind fades away As our vessel floats to Celestial shores I yearn for my home A calm harbor to stay We sail the clouds and Seek the storm Above the world On our endless voyage home The White Raven Sailed across the sky Black thunderheads Piled up like hills I saw lightning Flash across the Sky Death in the shape of Golden snakes "Is today the day we're going to die?" I saw people run in panic Shouting and screaming My darkest fears had Finally come true But two eyes, full of hope Looked at me I'm sure they belonged to you As I gaze at the storm From right in between My strength is growing And sorrows fade away As our vessels floats to celestial shores Reminiscence of the past My calm harbour to stay The White Raven Sailed across the sky The White Raven