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Bombs Over Syria (Spose)

Yo I woke your man up Broke your band up I'm the last act playin at the dope-a-rama Smoke and mirrors, coke and hammers Little kids get raped Here to okla-bama? Cure for cancer, cure for aids You know they got that shit locked away They’ll give it to you, man, just not today Pharmaceutical companies say you got to pay So pull your pants up, do the rock away Don’t think about how it operates Behind the scenes, behind the curtains Catholic priest, anal sex with virgins Who owns the government gets the permit God’s online with a texting sermon For Rex? and Herman and the Czechs and Germans These are just diversions from the Texas earnings Every time they make a bomb you know they’re getting paid (bang bang) Let me sell you fear cuz money’s made when you’re afraid News cast flash with a mass of fascists Smash glass bass? Pass Damascus Conquest bomb test cats distracted By the wildin’ mollies? And their lack of asses Pack a back-a-woods sarin black as ashes New styles futile back to rappin’ They own their earth with their gas and fracking And they’re laughin’ at us, Galafinakas The deeper you dig, the more dirt you’ll find That’s why I don’t use a shovel here most of the time Don’t pull your thang out unless you plan to bang Bombs over Syria