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Gee Willikers (Spose)

Welcome back to sunny Wells, Maine Guess who's back off the couch Got the panties in a drought Duct tape in Casey Anthony's mouth It's Mr. "no you're not dude" Back with some hot new raps For these kindergarteners to smoke pot to This shit's changed since I came into the cypher Because everyone was agro Now they're all nicer Pants used to sag low Now they're all tighter And the black dudes who rhyme are named Wayne and Tyler Huh, we must've smoked something funky Somewhere back there and we all go the munchies Ate hershey's cookies and cream and got clumsy Cause there's white rappers everywhere and nobody's hungry You used to have to pay dues They pay dudes To get youtube views While they play Beirut Enabling fake crews To take spots I heard Sam Adams and it made me miss Aesop Rock Yeah the one-hit wonder guy who raps is back To make your thunder thighs giggle if your ass is fat With some fact packed anglo-saxon backpacked tracks My dishwasher's got racks on racks I got 'em like gee willikers, fuck that shit I bet he doesn't know any black kids I got 'em like gee golly man what a shit show I knew I hated Spose from the get-go Gee willikers, I know I can't lose Making rap songs that these strippers can't dance to Gee golly I'm the same old cat I, I, I, I keep it pimpin' What's up? I'm spose if you didn't know The representative of people who got little dough And I never spit a rhyme trying to get a ho I'm not trying to put the big 'L' in Deuce Bigalow Nor am I trying to be the hardest dude Or act like it's all good bro no barbecues A grimy, major label signed me To a situation hairy as vaginas in the 90's Find me back in Maine cacklin' Still got weed like 'we would' as a contraction I still sip ship yards pigs lingerin' Spit bars back woods in my fingerprints Some couplets I come up with seem funny Other pairs are hair raising like I breed bunnies I'm still ungroomed, I'm back in the flesh I spit it raw, unbridled like a bachelorette Check it I know that the folks don't listen Dissing - though other bros don't spit efficient Broke - had the soap, did dishes in kitchens Hooks and 'allure' like this is fishing I'm banking on taking the bacon and making a run for the gold I been mistakenly taken for humorous They been been assuming I'm making a joke like... Chord change! you're now rocking with the town folks spokesman Who girls think is too short but I'm not from Oakland And it's been years since I deposited tokens But I've been in the game getting bread, you're just loafin' This is the voice of the villagers not sitting back scared to act whisperin "Gee willikers" nah, this is an uprising Dudes are just rhyming I've fantasized about this when I was just Ryan Come kick it with the age liquor, sipper, slipper, rocker Picked the pocket of a major label, knicker bocker Saggin, keep my circle tighter than some leather pants Whole state behind me like a weather man, damn