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King Of Maine (Spose)

Yo, I wake up make a K-Cup then I blaze up, shave with a razorblade My hat is still crooked I'm reading a book and My body was made in Maine Man, I'm still deflecting all the bill collectors And I hate when they say my name My buzz would be massive If I wasn't slacking and Jerking to Jayden Jaymes Celtics sticker On the bumper Of a clunker But my vocals real Fuck rap. I might sell my mic and buy a snowmobile I can't relate to throwing money when she makes it clap I can relate to doing dishes. We should take a nap: Tired like Michelin of your wrists when they're glistening We don't want no yacht to float but just a boat to go fishing in Man my whole yard is a minor mess Go hard till my dying breath Owe bars to the IRS We got no Rs in our dialect Me and my peeps speak a different kind of speech Where Verizon 4G don't reach (Can you me now?) Coming live from where mill towns are still towns Even though they shut the mills down But I'm feeling like the King of Maine The King of Maine Wear a seal-skin jersey to the Sea Dogs game I'm the King of Maine The King of Maine Plow truck all gold never hydroplane I tell em: Welcome to 207. Welcome-Welcome to 207. Welcome to 207. Welcome-Welcome to 207. It's the way life should be: everything's pleasant Tell 'em: this-th-th-this is 207. Hey, hey, I heard the news in the street That we're the shit and you're the pubes on the seat Even though I triple bogey that par 5 Rangoon with my mai tai Steal another motherfucker's WiFi Got Texas Pete on my Five Guys I'm back Facts: spit a little bit but I never made a gat go cap cap pap But my backpack on and I'm smoking Being homeless is bogus So paying bills is my motive Can't afford G4s I'm poor on tour in a worn '04 Ford Focus Ayup I know that this weed might be the death of me but I got this "O" broke up like it's parentheses I'm yellin ayup I weigh a buck forty still but when my finger tips touch the quill I'll be feeling like I'm Paul Pierce and I'm Rondo I'm John Deere and I'm John Doe I'm the rap star from the back yard who never acts hard or went half-heart I'm the Peoples Douche: AKA The Truth Everytime that I get in the booth I'll be feeling like I'm from the 420 minus 213 I'm on the throne if you're looking for who to unseat I got mooseblood in my goblet Lobsters in my optics I'm live on the map Where the dudes don't rap In the Altima black who I do go past Come hop in Find me chillin in Rockland where the townies sell oxies So the coroners got coffins It's my fault my paid because of what I say I rock it for a profit pockets fat as Paul Lepage Got a tattoo on my arm that says "Don't Stop" Cuz other guys told me otherwise when we talked I told em Wells, Maine what the sign say Where I go ape with my primates Rhyme great 16s like 2 times 8 Wine grapes and prime steaks Damn I'm feeling marvelous Had a hand with no good cards in it that I parted with I'm an artisan I think you're an amateur Kids, cops, janitors All pull out their cameras When I walk out of Hannaford