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Salami (Spose)

I-I'm Peter Sparker, Spiderman S-Sent me He does know Spiderman, he's cool! Knowing Spiderman does NOT make him cool! I'm the broke moocher you don't wanna wake up with But on mics? I'm realer than some a-cup tits It's like I found out the weed was my first cousin Cuz after I get it, we break up quick They say I don't measure up I got more lines than a yard stick and you're just trying to make out with a whip you're a car kiss (carcass) 1, 2, 3 I went to preschool Tell me what's new to brag about so I can be cool I lay lower than the bassline's dealer cuz the humbugs numb in their great-rhyme-feelers You can play "Who's Snapback's Tealer" I'm just trying to put it into words. You should get some v-necks some kleenex You all look crestfallen get back to yes y'all-in' Still hungry as a kid I wasn't fed right My clique's so ill I'm browsing hospital websites Click. I'm going ham I don't think that you noticed Cuz there's so much bologna all over the focus Yo… a couple more "yo"s I'm going spam I don't think that you noticed Cuz you got salami all over the camera Delete your Faceobok to it My peeps' teeth are looking like the Bruins': black and yellow: I been revered by a jury of my peers cuz I rapped like I'm under oath my whole career It's not a novelty or comedy because I'm into honesty and modesty and never did a robbery Hmmm… You got the clip that goes boom? How many cyllinders in it when your whip goes vroom? (vroom) Because I could give a fuckin' fuck I'm overseas with my speech like beach cover-ups (uh) To you rhymers that are lying saying nothing much To you vaginas I'm a c-section, I'm a cut above I open up a beer, check my Gmail, treat beats like a cheap version of a therapist I've had it up to "hear" like a sea sell, crumbs of the cannabis on a can of Sierra Mist Please! My rap steez different I got guitars "whaling" like a Japanese fisherman Plus I got all my words pronounced I'm no pretender a defender of the herbs and clowns I put it down Actually, you put the mic down!