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Smiley Face (Spose)

Yo, this is a fat white kid Crip walking through a Wallmart eating a twix Ths is, his mom in the next aisle, neglecting him while sending a text This is, a mirror to society I've already seen the truth so you don't got to lie to me This is the scull behind a smiley face The dark side that we all try to hide away! Join me as we open on a heavy set bride As she cries on her wedding dress Cheeks getting wet cause there's something she would never guess Better yet Zoom in on the brides made She fucked the groom five ways in the brides drive way (no way) Fast forward to the bride's suicide I know alot of sad adjectives and all of them apply It's fucked up Because she suffered then she dies But for this woman it was tougher to be alive If you rewind You'll see that there were other issues In her bedroom clutching on a chunk of tissues At nine got touched by her uncle Mitchel It's a cold world, darker than some pumpernickel And I'm not tryin' to bumm you out or make you sad I just think somebody ought to state the facts It's cool, they don't even hear half the raps Working on their swag Let me tell you buddy: The next scene opens in a parking lot Outside an old motel With the neon glowing as the rain drops fell Both from the sky and the eyes Of the passengers Inside a ride That arrived The inhabitince A mother and her 3 kids running From a new husband who seemed to scream more than love 'em Tonight, he said he'd burn the house down Kicked in the cupboard They slipped out the back undiscovered She said they'd get a hotel room and pizza Watch TV and take a breather She went into lobby and returned sick She'd left her purse at the crib Hair matted to her face as the rain poored Her kids huddeled with her slithered to the back door And I'm not kidding he was sitting in the kitchen, waiting to start hitting This is, what she won't say when you ask, how's it going, the very next day This is, her kids doing well in school eventhough at home life was hell This is a morror to society I've already seen the truth, you don't got the lie to me This is, the scull behind a smiley face, the dark side, that we all try to hide away