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Swagless (Spose)

I'm in the place, y'all, trippin on things I just walked in spillin my drink, I play ball but I never scored a basket You already know, you ain’t gotta ask it Swagless, you know I’m (swagless) Ugly, clumsy, trust me Sandusky wouldn’t fuck me You know who’s swagless To get my shit together I would have to eat magnets (Swagless) So if you’re lookin call it off I’m right here homie, swag holocaust Eh, I’m fever than Justin Bieber I tried to do the dougie, it was lookin like a seizure I’m accidentally celibate, I could sign and drive a boxy Honda SUV and not be in my element I been irrelevant, I’m still delicate, but this year I can bench 85 like Bill Belichick Check it out, droolin out my mouth, fallin on a couch I just dropped a coffee sloppy And I’m retarded and I only wrote 14 bars I met this girl named Betty She was all about it We started dancing, shook her booty all around it I felt so guilty, had to call my man and tell him I hung up and lit a candle, put on Lady Antebellum When I in the bar I order cran and peach drink, peach drink, burn, cruisin, sleepin in the backseat I’m so real that I freak if I see a spider I won’t walk into a dark room without a lighter Give me the mic and I made it my two-thug shit I chipped it I'mma be out at a restaurant counting the bill but you know I won't pitch in Glitchin, nonfiction books be my addiction Picturin my nana on the couch knittin me mittens Broke and lazy, makin me babies Collecting food stamps to save for a mercedes Man I’m swagless, but I smell good Spray painting Nautical stars all over the neighborhood