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Chainsaw Demons Return (Bestial Mockery)

Tearing your soul from inside The Demons will return The executioners of humanity The Demons will return Tormenting death! Sadistic hell-roar! We are eating your flesh! Leaving you skeletonized in Hell! Breath of fire The demons has returned Crushing the skull of the priest The demons has returned Crucifixion Of you lord Sawed to pieces Your faith is raped What are you waiting for ?! SAW ME UP !!! Spreaders of hellish agony Churches drained in blood Fucked by demonic chainsaw Virgins molested to death Chainsaw Demon Attack !!! Total fucking bloodbath Chainsaw demons charge Bestial destructive blasphemy Desecration is total War and chaos rules the world Chainsaw Demons Return Power of Evil almighty Chainsaw Demons Return