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Selfdestructive Salvation (Bestial Mockery)

Hypocritical fools Lying to yourselves Why spite the hands that feeds you? Why hurt the ones you love? As an Ouroborous encircling your soul The downward spiral to Hell Reaching for salvation In terms of ecstasy Can't live with the pain Can't live without dying Piece by piece, drop by drop Selfdestructive salvation Inhale and exhale Dancing on a razor Backstab and betray Living just to die Tired of being bored Bored of yourself Pissed to be alive So you slowly fade away When all hope is lost And nothing means a thing You get the final kick The poison now sets in Can't live with the pain Can't live without dying Piecy by piece, breath by breath Selfdestructive salvation When the streetlights fades away Your wings begin to burn A broken phoenix falling And you enjoy this ride The morning after No phoenix rises The morning after All angels cry The morning after There is no tomorrow The morning after This time you died No poison can resurrect you No one can save you now No hope for salvation No light beyond all lights The souls pines for rest But a restless urge awakened Can't live without the poison Can't live with the pain Can't live without dying Breath by breath, lie by lie Selfdestructive salvation As you go down in flames!