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Tyrant of Hells Land (Bestial Mockery)

Across the blackened sky With lightening as their pride Thunder claps from hooves of might Apocalyptic Riders are in sight Upon clouds of Death they ride Pitch-black steeds side by side Hooded Horsemen omen of Doom Wielding scythe bring forth the Gloom Armageddon drawing close Evil win and mortals loose Time to fight and time to die To make a stand for the glory of the Damned Lightening strikes and earth it quakes Clashing fight and body aches Wield the Banner - Flag of Hate Fight for Satan - Hell awaits See the Magus cast their spells They unleash this force from Hell See the Demons breaking free It is you against me Armageddon now is here Satan take what mortals fear Time to fight and time to die Time to make a stand for the Tyrant of Hells land