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Billy Bibbit (San Fermin)

Give in to love B-b-Billy Bibbit give in to love Give in to love Then do whatever a grown up man does It's not your fault You know this is what your mother would want Give in to love And get what you want Give it up Even though you're shaking, Billy You don't have it in you, to [??] You've got your father's eyes and your mother's always watching, Billy You've already gone [??] When your mother goes, your father will be with her, Billy So take a breath and close your little eyes It's a blind[?] and lonely building where you're hiding, Billy Can't you even try? Billy, we're all gonna die So I wouldn't try to force it You're living in your mind You have to get out of your mind Oh, by little[?] we will die Billy, this is your moment You're living in your mind You have to get our of your mind Billy, we're all gonna die We're all gonna die