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Drive In The Night (Sophie)

I'm in love with you Babe wanna feel is just desire Let your body close to mine Wanna be with you Darling when you touch me I'm on fire Let me loving so Every night Rock me take me up Your sweet love is music Kiss me shake me up Sitting on my right side Love me take me up Let's your body moving Kiss me shake me up Every night I'm fine with you... Ohohohoh oh drive in the night Babe take me to paradise So I drive yes I drive... Ohohohohoh take me tonight Tell me what you needed deep inside Eh eh eh ahaha ah Every time you move Darling I just feel a great desire When I loose my mind one more time Do you love me do Do you feel the pain When you're on fire Do you miss me babe Every night Open your eyes and show me your sweet way Every night Kiss me tonight and make me fun and right Make me high