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Stop Callin' Me (Dem Franchize Boyz)

Bitch stop callin me (bitch stop callin me) Bitch stop callin me (bitch stop callin me) Aint gon pick tha phone up (Aint gon pick tha phone up) Aint gon pick tha phone up (Aint gon pick tha phone up Bitch stop callin me Aint gon pick tha phone up, send ya to tha voicemail straight hang tha phone up Aint gon get yo hair did, bitch stop askin me Ya nails and ya toes fixed, bitch stop harrassin me' I buy a bitch a shirt gotta buy a bitch a hat I dont work at the zoo get this monkey off my back Ya say ya pregnant wit my baby, shit, I dont think so.... Bitch dat aint my baby, well I dont really kno I got what I wanted I dont need nuthin more So stop callin leavin message after message hoe! Bitch don't call me no more (why?) Aint gon pick tha phone up Treat her like a clothes hanger straight hang the phone up Ay, stop callin me bitch dis aint no chat line Blowin up my phone like a welfare hotline Thinkin Ima help ya baby-mama bitch ya not mine Nope I can't get wit cha and we cannot share no dollar sign Call restricted hoe, put her numba on call block Broad real smart, call me from her home-gurl house Like a bug-a-boo thats nuthin I cant handle I just treat her like some stranger unknown #s I dont answer Our relationship got cancelled, forfitted, its ova Stop leaving messages aint no startin ova Ima call u aint no need 2 call me Bitch talkin 2 yourself when U talk behind tha beep Stop calliin me talkin bout "Where u at?" She wanna hold some money talkin bout let her hold a stack I pick tha phone up quick tell this bitch I'll call her l8ta Hung the phone up quick sent her straight to tha operator She callin all the time, now she knockin at my door Fuck that bitch hard cuz she keep wantin more Just call it quit bitch den I made tha bitch leave She tha stalkin type bitch, hidin behind a nigga tree She callin once again keep callin niggas phone She keep callin tha cell and the phone I got at home Now she just fucked up cuz she went and worked for Nextel call a nigga phone change my password on my voicemail Y u keep callin me? What the fuck u playin on my phone 4? Dats what stupid bitches get cracked across tha dome for I cant get to tha phone, Im unable to answer I aint buyin braids and I aint sendin pampers U just dont get it u servin no purpose I dont wanna talk, talk 2 my answerin service I dont wanna talk to ya, I dont wanna fuck ya Naw I aint ya boo and hell naw I dont love ya U be wit tha silly shit,straight up on dat trippin shit Callin me now, bitch used to be on Pimpin dick It is what it is, I wish u wouldnt bother me Bitch stop...stop...stop callin me!