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Where I'm From (Dem Franchize Boyz)

Franchize yea What's Happenin well we here again and we gon tell you like this here Hook Where im from thats how we do it Chorus White Tee's and Air Force 1's (YEP) that's how we do it where im from We trap from dusk to dawn (YEP) that's how we do it where im from We ride on big rims ( Yep) thst's how we do it where im from Dickies Suits and Tims ( YEP) thats how we do it where im from I aint no bitch we dont play tricks if you do something wrong leave you laying in a ditch we aint gon snitch cause you might get rich i dont care what you got you aint selling shit we on that dank drank till we faint we aint shootin nothin but k's a leave you stank sell dope he cant sell weed you aint and i dont give a motherfuck what yall think we ride them chevy's 23's wit the pipes yall got that yella yella cornbread we got that white we rock them 1's them all white tee's we ride nuthin but flats we dont ride no d's we stay strapped workin in traps cant fuck wit the middle man cause a nigga be tryin 2 cap and niggas bleedin its robbin season so you betta keep cool don't give me no reason Im from the A westside Allen Temple where i stay niggas talkin all that chatter i break em up like B2K where im from im the gym stay ballin like MJ im a scarface nigga so i stay blastin the K i be stackin in the winter bring them trays i dun made yea we stay rollin swishers cause we do it all day nigga trappin on the hill standin in my hallway where im from i bake them cookies chip ahoy is what they call me stay drunk what they all be know you never saw me cause im low key like a spot on the wall be niggas round hea scared takin lessons for karate yea i came up rich off a motherfuckin hobby niggas where im from yea we keep them nigga shoppin its gold diggas so them ho's steady plottin look into the money so my niggas always poppin fuck a red light franchize aint stoppin We ride in trucks on big boy rims i keep mo action than directors off in flims we twist up hay stay servin Jays Cautier shades chop around for days sending counts a glace i gotta stay on my block 100 stacks it been made if you want us on the stage upfront you gotta pay we aint no game so you know we cant be played We dont play fuck what you say yall tote gats we tote choppas and AK's you disobay and you gon lay off in the woods youll be missin for some days we leave messes with Mac 11's but they dont fuck wit me they know that number 7 we shoot off backs we shoot off legs westside, zone 1, bankhead