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White Tee (Dem Franchize Boyz)

Yup in my white tee I slang in my white tee I bang in my white tee All in the club spitting game in my white tee I bling in my white tee serve feigns in my white tee Fuck a throwback i look clean in my white tee Step on the scene with some green and some hard white work Real clean fresh jeans and a all white shirt We all get money and we all smoke purp Hit the dirt one squirt will leave all yall murk Cause im fresh in my white tee they glance at my white tee and i Got the hat that match my pants and my white tee Whoever that you might see I know they got a white tee Uncle, brother, sister, mother, dad or ur wifey Hanes or fruit of the loom be the Name of my white tee I gotta change man its a stain on my white tee Lames in a white tee i bring the pain in my white tee Hispanic cracka nigga even yangs wearin white tee Hit the club deep and we all got a white tee A throw back no that hell naw it dont excite me You dont need no throwback cause you will be set on your white Tee you can get a circle or a v neck on ur white tee I hit the mall in my white tee Ooh I think they like me or they like the diamonds cause they shine so brightly Yeah u know i how i be under my tee it the wifey I got that thang tucked tightly For them niggas who think im soft nigga come and try me They going to find your body White tees in the club and while we drinking on bacardi Fuck throwbacks white tees in party Now dont get me started gotta try bacardi Drama we avoid it Everyone one wear white tees cause they can afford it Girls wear white tees, boys wear white tees Niggas in the trap now i bet they got a white tee I wear a white tee, you wear a white tee The next day catch me with a brand new white tee Oh they boy clean white shoes fresh jeans But on that boy shirt what it say not a thingg I gotta couple throwbacks it just I choose not to wear them White tee extravganza nigga like a foot locker sale Niggas think i done fail but my paper stacking a lot Or you can throw back this but Partner check my nine And im a ghetto gangsta white tee laws gone hate ya Street gangs with a little fame them hoes gonna chase ya Can't escape from this white shit it done covered the map Like crack been her in the 80s and it took over the trap Come to the hood you can find me trapping in my white tee Standing with a full grill niggas might try me know how i be still in my white tee Rock jeans tiger green yeah girls like me Haters try to bite me Some try to dislike me Became a rich nigga and the feds try to indicte me Yup in my white tee