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Rudeboy (Zeds Dead)

What you know about a self-employed maniac? The Devil took me in and now he pray to God to take me back We at the bar fronting like we some stars And trying to pick up on some broads but they don’t know who we are Yo Zeds Dead looking tipsy T-Dot I know you with me We some alcoholics, gotta rep it for my fucking city Well thank y’all, I like to think I tried Look into my eyes then you looking at a homicide I’m just kidding dummy I just wanna party y’all You know Omes ? Patron, I’m just trying to keep it going The boy banned from Kuwait to Japan I crush the game in my hand and now they know who I am What I want, when I want it Tryin to tell me that I'm wrong What I want, when I want it I don't wanna get along From the tower to the shores of U.K We give a fuck what you think, we all believe in one thing That if you’re doing something make it big, let it bang, shout it loud Set it up, shut it down, just be sure to make us proud I’ve been honest my whole life but I’ve been lied to They said I’ll make it when pigs fly, Swine Flu That tequila I been pouring in my pain’s got me borderline insane I’m like odelay, you must be tripping if you thinking that I let it go The gift is in my blood and my verses often set in stone Getting to know, get with the times Get in the zone, give it a chance Give it a go, say what you want You’re looking for trouble you’re looking for Omes