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The One (Zeds Dead)

I'm glad I found you Like hanging 'round you You're the one (one) Yeah, yeah, if I remember right, you were dead wrong We should start again, from where we left off But I had done worse, hope you forgive me for it 'Til then my heart is yours, as long as you kill me for it She said she want a man, told her there ain’t a chance I know she got a plan, told you the girl is bad And we were young and dumb so I should hold my tongue But even then I knew it (you're the one) And every day is like a vacay, read it like a book I can tell we on the same page, just to gain my heart Still would never be a safe place, falling from the sky, mayday mayday Uh, and she feel me, like to be here Smiling with those eyes she could never keep a secret You could say I'm wrong but she's still my only weakness I offered her my heart but she told me I could keep it (keep it [?x]) Uh, hold me back from what I'm 'bout to do People do the darnedest things just to know the truth What hurts you hurts me so we O for two I skimmed through all my thoughts, there was only you I'm still amazed how we wind up on this page How we playin' out this game that I thought we'd never play When I offered you the world and you swore you'd never change But it's never been the same since that day you went away, like... Damn You're the one I've waited for Let's have some fun (one) What's wrong with you? You can forget everything I promised you I'll bury you alive and get back to what I ought to do I hope it haunts your dreams, I hope you don't forget it I hope it takes a little more once you reach the limit And once the poison gets to seeping in your veins And you feel it when you're sober and there's nothing for the pain When you're lost up in the crowd, and you see me on the stage Oh you would love to bring me down, I could hear what you would say But there's you And you tell me that we'll cope I just gotta let it heal and we're sinking but together we can float But you're mad, I can see it in your eyes You're as crazy as they come You're the devil in disguise and I know it's all a lie I'll never let it go I'll trade it in my hand but I'll never let 'em know I play a different game, aces in my sleeve I ain't got no time to waste, I'm impatient as can be I'm just trying to set it free Do it on my own Key in the ignition I don't plan on going home For every night I roam, I'll put it in a song I guess I said it all Farewell, so long