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You and I (Zeds Dead)

Light me up a cigarette and put it in my mouth You're the only one that wants me around And I can think of a thousand reasons why I don't believe in you, I don't believe in you and I Go ahead and fill my drink up, you'll still be all I think of We try and stay afloat, but know the weight will sink us I say the problem's solved once you forget the question But you go ask again cause you ain't learned your lesson And to the heavens I promise you no regrets But my mind's left in the past so that promise was never kept To be honest I fell astray - call it lost on the way So certain in my intentions, I thought that I'd never sway But between the cameras flashing, I guess that it had to happen The negatives to the perfect picture, I had to have them And my collection consists of all that I had to take We celebrating the sacrifices we had to make We had to wait, unprepared for the loss Oversold on the win and unaware of the cost Cause I can write a song but can't unwrite my wrongs I guess you live and learn, learn when the love is gone Now here we are again, back from our dark descend We'll keep this happiness going 'long as we all pretend It seems we built this from nothing but broken dreams These memories we'll forget but that's all that we hope to see I got my future and it's ticking, life is yours if you live it You wish you could plan it different but fuck it, that's how you miss it I always hoped you would visit, always thought it was you Always caught in the past cause it's all that I fucking knew I mean, it's funny, ain't it? Guess it's all how you paint it It's all that I really got, but it's all for the entertainment The champagne's on the dresser, empty from all my efforts The life of yesterday's party gets carried off on a stretcher And here we standing like everything's how we planned it But who're we kidding? We drinking so we don't panic Drunk off that lucky 7, go ahead and tell the reverend We fuckin' rock stars - call us Zeds Deppelin