Party In Paris (UK Subs)

There's a bottle in the corner That's where I'm gonna stay Just me and my bottle of French wine We're gonna drink the night away Nobody comes, nobody knocks on the door My friends are far away If the telephone don't start ringing It's gonna be a bad bad day Ooh la la la Ooh la lay There's a party in Paris Palais I turn on the radio But I don't like what they play So I put a record on the stereo Just to pass this night away It's twelve'o'clock, I can see them now They're dancing the night away Little Jimmy's dressed as Fred Astaire So wrecked the band can't play. I can smell the French perfume While I sit here in despair I Think I'll open another bottle And I'll make believe I'm there. Meanwhile back in London Seems a million miles away I'm lookin' at my invitation With no ticket for a train