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Don't Kill The Flame (Šarčević Nikola)

You just walked out the door You left me with a feeling of still wanting more Are we done now, who knows? Well, I guess that's the way cruel love goes I can't act like before The words still come out but the contents is poor My hunger is bad, nights too long Tell me, where did I go wrong? Don't kill the flame, the spark to my aim Please let it burn even though I'm to blame Don't steal my heart or don't break it apart You're the spark to my aim so don't kill the flame You still got me on hold I'm close to perdition but yet I feel cold You say time heals the scar I'd say that depends on who you are Love starts in heaven but ends on the ground And clearly I somehow fell down I know you're still up there since you're not around So what will it be now an angel or clown?