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Horse Bay Blues (Šarčević Nikola)

Almost crying for a taken pawn that never seems as black as your eyes Always trying to pull out the thorn that somehow's stuck into our sides You nurse the dead and everything infective I scratch my head I really need perspective On how we live and everything around us Can you forgive me love Just like a rose love fades away until it's gone Just like two rolling stones you and I we're trumbling on ... on with the Horse Bay blues Almost ending but we're not quite there now there's still a lot of lies to unmask Always mending are the hearts we share just like a mystery beyond our grasp We did the crime when we got together Now we're doing time looks like we're stuck forever In our universe of time, stress and money It could be worse honey I don't know where we hurry for where everything we need's right here I don't know why we worry so when there is a really nothing to fear When the Horse Bay blues disappears