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Mirror Man (Šarčević Nikola)

Hey mirror man I know these days are hard times for you But don't be fooled by what you see with your two eyes You got your head in the sand Don't you have something better to do Why don't you get a life, one of your own that's not full of lies? Is it all the girls who turned you down? Is it all your friends, no longer around? Is it the guy who's in that band? Or is it yourself that you really cannot stand? Hey mirror man Amaze me with something else than complains Maybe now it's time to stop wine about for a change You got your head in the sand And your feet locked up in jealous bitter chains With that in mind your situation's not too strange You got a taste for jealousy And you cannot stand what you see in me I guess all this shows, a little love is what you miss You got a rage to stimulate What would you be without all your hate? What will you do when there is no one left to screw?