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Soul For Sale (Šarčević Nikola)

I always said I wouldn't be untrue To anything I put my heart into I always said that this is where I'll stay But maybe I was only sleeping I never thought I would come to doubt That there is always an easy way out I never thought I would feel this way I pray for that my soul I'm keeping Everybody longs for the bankroll Everybody wants control But you and me we don't share the same goal And I ain't gonna sell my soul I always felt it would turn out ok If only I could hold our for another day I always felt it'd be an happy end I guess I was a bit too artless I never thought it would go up in smoke But I'm still here like a pathetic joke I never thought I'd lose you my friend I can be careless but I'm still not heartless You said we wouldn't change But we do and that's why everything feels strange You said we'd always win But if you look at the state we're in, it's all be wearing thin