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Bad Pennies (With the Punches)

You just can’t tell me now that you never realized there was always something wrong with the way you treat everyone the simple fact remains you’re a liar and a fake it took me too long to say but we’re better off without you I bet you thought it was a secret and that no one would ever hear about the things you said and did when our backs were turned away You live a life of idle threats leaving holes in bedroom walls you should have figured this out for yourself and how many chances did you think you’d get and where do you get off so let the truth be told, we’ve had enough, but not giving up So tell me once again how much smarter you are than every person you’ve ever met how come you couldn’t see this coming it was the blatant disrespect to hide a lack of confidence it was the ego you couldn’t check some how you didn’t see this coming Accept this as a fight you just can’t win Maybe the lesson that finally sinks in