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Face Value (With the Punches)

Safe to say that you missed the point of all your favorite lines you don’t stand for anything at all rather than take the time to learn to do it right just sell yourself and lie because to you it’s all the same if your only claim to fame is the names you drop your word’s not worth the breath it took to spit it out from the clothes you wear to the car you drive to the company you keep they’re all just worthless commodities hear what you’re telling me but I’m not everybody else we’ve seen it all before we’re not impressed but what did you expect All the nights spent searching for new ways to seem more interesting and it’s all just gleaned from magazines of someone else’s life Find your own personality a heavy dose of humility and you might not be a joke to everyone around you you’re so “this year” where will the trend stop I’m not everybody else I’ve seen this all before