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Letting Go (With the Punches)

My first glimpse of something outside "my window to the world" We were so much alike... Cut down in the prime of your life Watching you slip away But not the world that you gave me That phone call brought me back in a flash To the place I remember seeing you last At least the way I paint it in my mind Regrets I thought I'd left behind We always left it as "I'll see you around" Every chance I had to do so Getting hard to think about It's the letting go For good, that before now I never understood You answered Every "Why" with "Why Not" You held everyone so close And never let us drop But as time went on Missed messages were failed attempts To reconnect Can't help but Apologize again For things that Weren't my fault in the end But knowing that you're proud Of where I've been Always on my mind Until we meet again