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Riverside (With the Punches)

I dumped out a box of old family photographs spread them out across my bed Grandpa Lou you wouldn’t believe just how much this place has changed and I hate to say that this city lost it’s shine and the sense of style and class it had back then overrun with greed spending the money they don’t have to buy the things they’ll die before they need I’m only sure I need a change of scenery Every week’s the same I can’t stand to waste another day complaining but making no real attempt to be different when I finally leave this town I’ll take the interstate right down the coast and maybe I’ll head west to figure out the next spot to call my home Never forget the way the brightest stars lit up the balcony of my apartment on my last night I looked up at that sky and realized the change had been in me somewhere along the way started making sense of all the things I’ve heard it’s not about where your time is spent it’s what you choose to do with it