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Seams And Stitches (With the Punches)

I’ve lost another year debating if my time would ever come clocking in, clocking out as the youth slid off my face Nothing goes the way we plan betrayed by hope and circumstance the smarter moves we should have made I guess we gave ourselves away too fast the two things I’ve learned to not believe in are the fear hell and waiting for good luck. And it’s not that I’m jaded but I can’t keep lying to myself for the sake of appearances And it’s not just to save face at the end of the day I’m still standing here but what else can I do how did I lose my direction when did this become such an ugly place guess I shouldn’t be surprised I’m always late for everything feels my guts rotting out and spilling on the floor passed off enough lies as answers so heres your bright caution sign stop and think about how much time we spend waiting for stoplights to change timelines and dollar signs to rearrange and make our point of view