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1989 (The Rakes)

Spent the night in three drinks time Where the bars were full it was summertime Punks were hangin out in the park While someone practised electric guitar We drank some homemade wine Now my heads not straight So I lean for a minute on a cemetery gate Half expecting to catch a sight Of the dead Russian soldiers marching into the night La la la la la laaaaa Feel the sea like the blood is shed As the dawn rubs up against our aching head Girls light up pull there hoods up tight Stuck the money in your bra that you made last night Well I spent the night in three drinks time Bars were full there was no closing time Punks comparing tattoos and their scars Now everyone's waiting for the band to start La la la la la laaaaaa (its alright if it all goes wrong in this cold lone city no one knows where your from) Woohoo woohoo woohoo Oh the camera pulls away to show a hidden alleyway Of broken bags and dreams by Turkish cafes Where the dirty little pigeon played his inner puddle By the drip drip drip of an emptying bottle Of champagne perched on top of a half bombed church Seeing angels who hear our wounds that make no sounds The bird flies out to meet the hopes of the dream And see what such grand stories He's in the right to the left wing He tries so hard But falls back to earth to the filth of the yard The singers blood runs cold like the spree But not this girl not when she was 19 It was 1989 Its alright if it all goes wrong in this cold lone city no one knows where your from