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Suspicious Eyes (The Rakes)

Oh God I'm running late again I don't believe this Another Wednesday morning on the train to work And my weekend spread into the middle of the week I'm boozing every night, 3 hours sleep Check all the people then stare at my feet Guy next to me pretend to read the Metro Sort of bloke who calls everybody bro But only met a black guy at Uni though And the lady with the kid watches the guard meet the train Suspicous Eyes Looking for the end Suspicous Eyes Looking for the end A young Asian guy with a rucksack on his back Jumps on the tube, is he ready to attack? God just imagine it being all over, stuck in the tube with nowhere to go All the smoke and confusion, stuck in this dark coffin The man with the paper, he moves from his seat Why did that kid stand so close to me? I'm sick of them moaning that they're being picked on, when its them running round with the bombs I'll grab the kids, leave Londons town Join a white flight to Surrey and beyond Suspicious Eyes Looking for the end Suspicious Eyes Looking for the end. These people are assuming who I am, but they're wrong Got a beard and a bag so they think I got a bomb I saw everyones reaction soon as I stepped through the door All acting like they've never seen a brown person before The guy infront of me, he should be reading his paper I'm checking my watch cos there's an interview that I'm gonna be late for Everytime I step on the tube, theres a dude in his suit who aint got no manners, doesn't he know staring is rude? And if you're so scared, move! I've just stopped caring I'm off at the next stop mate just keep staring Suspicious Eyes Looking for the end Suspicious Eyes Looking for the end Extra chrous Clocks are ticking and we leave on time