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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Gristle (Gaza)

They used you to clean up tears after a thrice show. Fucking belt buckles everywhere. Never digesting anything is a hell of a diet plan. Here come the suit-bitches. I watched them hollow out horses... Run. They gored me once with a diverse portfolio. Put a dollar in the box. It's across for show and down to go. I'm going to throw gristle at my guts. It's like the sink of finding a lump. I've got your black plague right here. How long before the pain-junkies storm the gates? God. It danced on us like black lung before our hearts gave out. Put a dollar in the box. It grew on us. It grew up like a sister. While every time, celebrating your neck. It's across for show and down to go. Pray its malignant. Prey its malignant.