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B Groove (Soul II Soul)

Well you know the album is called Volume 5 Some people call it a reunion and some a conclusion Well, I just like the people to form their own opinions But most importantly I guess, enjoy Soul II, Soul II Soul But of course it was the unorthodox style I guess the attitude that we had during that time The late 80's, early 90's Well, I think it surprised a lot of people Of course the sound Well, we weren't really trying To imitate nobody or copy anybody It was just a whole new concept Soul II soul, Soul Are Soul II Soul still real? For real Well, of course we were fortunate enough That our timing was good And I guess the people behind us You know they worked real hard And again I guess the public were ready To accept something new You know how we did Yeah, for real, we're looking forward To visiting different territories We've never been to before Also looking forward to visiting the places We have been to before So we will see you there