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Holding On (Soul II Soul)

In my imagination running wild I feel the time has passed us by Staying in my mind all the time Just like the endless beat, that beat That flows in time, the maze of life is so difficult I doubt what the children to run and fight Respecter's in the eyes of the beholder who sees that Fun that will come when the sun shines Together living in unity there's no need to fight The rough society, I know the time will be here Again when the chances are thin And you know it will lead to the end Bambalella, bambe, lella Bambalella, bambe, lella I keep this dream in my memory In my mind for a long time you see I hope the day will come sometimes when I know the stories to be told We'll tell the stories to the young and old Both children who grow together in school Oh now I wish the time we will come that the dreams That I dream will last for a long time. Pull me up - pull me up Pull me up - pull me up Pull me up - pull me up Oh I feel so magical, that I feel the temptation running Through my veins. Well if together in happiness and I know the time, the time will come to this As long as there holding on Holding Holding Holding Holding Well imagine yourself in a large open space No communication and no one to raise for you to be in this predicament in Time. We'll leave our imaginations Open wide so before the floods The storms may raise There should be a bride today Well on that day we shall live together as one, happily under the sun Bambalella, bamba, lella Bambalella, bamba, lella Bambalella, bamba, lella