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Spanish Is The Lovin' Tongue (Murphey Michael Martin)

1. Spanish is the lovin' tongue Soft as springtime, light as spray There was a girl I learned it from Living down Sonora way Now I don't look much like a lover Yet I say her love words over Late at night when I'm all alone "Mi amor, mi corazon" 2. There were nights when I would ride She would listen for my spurs Fling that big door open wide Raise those laughing eyes of hers And how those hours would get to flyin' Pretty soon, I'd hear her cryin' "Please don't leave me all alone Mi amor, mi corazon" 3. Then one night I had to fly I got into a foolish gamblin' fight I had a swift goodbye In that black unlucky night And traveling north, her words kept ringing And every word I could hear her singing "Please don't leave me all alone Mi amor, mi corazon" 4. Well, I ain't never seen her since that night I can't cross the line now She was Mexican, and I was White Like as not, it's better so And yet I've always sort of missed her Since that last wild night I kissed her I left my heart, but I lost my own "Mi amor, mi corazon"