Let Me Finish (Webb Marti)

Just what time of night do you call this? No I'm not alright... I have had enough... Don't you interrupt Let me finish I said let me finish I'm tired of waiting for something to happen Sorry... I can't live like this any longer I am not a saint... I've said this before but you haven't heard Let me finish... this time let me finish Wait a minute! You'll get your turn It's not often I get the chance to talk I forget the last time I saw a person Fifth Avenue might as well be Mars! Never thought I would ever say Keep Manhattan... give me Muswell Hill I'd have had more fun with Neville Braitwaite That old devil Neville always put me first (on occasions) No I don't want a drink! Not yet I've rehearsed these next lines for ages Why do I feel cold? I suppose it's nerves... I don't need a drink Let me finish... I said let me finish I've had it to here with your business problems I don't want to dance with your boss once a year I don't care if the neighbours hear You always say we British are too reserved I need a change I must do something new or I will go mad Not now! Let me finish... you'll get your chance to call me a child We've got to make decisions... don't touch me get away Don't you touch me! This isn't a joke for God's sake stop smiling Don't run out we won't solve anything that way Come back... can't we sit and talk this thing over?